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UK School Games, Inspiring Young People Through Sports

School Games in UK are great opportunities for motivation and inspiration. Taking part in sporting competitions bring out the competitive spirit of the youth and create great teams.

An example of these are the school games in Sainsbury. There are four activity levels in the games. The first is the competition inside the school. Second is the competition between schools. Third is the inter-county or inter-area competition. Last and biggest is the national event. This is for the most talented athletes that have won through the first three levels. As we all know too well, not everyone can be a professional athlete. That does not mean that you need to stop playing though. People are advised to pay attention to this list when they want to play. It's a great way to get involved with the world of gambling without having to reach into your wallet. At the end of the day, that's a game we all enjoy playing, especially when it's for free.

The Intra-school sporting competition is held within the Sainsbury School during their Games Day. The Inter-school sporting competition is done by organizers of the School Games in preparation for the Games Festival. This is attended by selected teams and individuals from different schools. These are of course the winners within their Games Day competition. The Sainsbury School Games UK Festival which is the inter-region sporting competition is held twice each year. These are countrywide and regional competitions with an aim to get the best players and athletes who can play on the national level. The pinnacle of the UK School Games is the national event. In Sainsbury's School Games in 2013, the event featured the best students in the UK who performed in big venues.

The Games have been designed to engage all schools and kids in sporting competition. This also includes opportunities for the disabled youth. Schools that join the Sainsbury's School Games gain a lot of benefits and rewards. The use of PE and sports raise the athletic standards through involvement in extra-curricular activities. There is also rewards and recognition on a monthly basis. This is given to School Games Organizers (SGOs) and schools who put out blogs about the activities in their School Games and also for those who are active on the website of School Games UK. The schools can also get the Sainsbury School Games Mark which is an award that is recognized nationally. It represents a school's commitment to deliver and develop great school sports and PE. Lastly, there is also the NGB Formats which are resources that support schools in order to deliver good inter and intra school competitions.

The Sainsbury School Games is made possible through partnerships in local and national levels. The School Games are delivered by clubs, schools and county sports group in the local level. Local Organizing Committees are set up and are usually headed by teachers. On the national level, the partnership is usually made up by Sport England, Youth Sport Trust, Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Change4Life as well as the British Paralympic Association.

More than £128m is invested in support of the Sainsbury School Games UK. This comes from Lottery and exchequer funding from Sport England and the Department of Health. These funds are used to finance 450 Change4Life Clubs and SGOs.

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